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Sustainability Statements

Many planning authorities who have not yet fully adopted the Code for Sustainable Homes do require a sustainability statement as one of the items required as part of a Planning Application. There is no universal standard for these, other than the applicant is generally required to show elements of the Code for Sustainable Homes and that the building will be contributing considerable less CO2 than either the current building or a comparable one. To be frank this is the planning authority not understanding the requirement of Part L of the Building Regulations. Any newly construced building or modification to an existing building must comply with Part L, so stating this at the initial planning stage is putting the cart before the horse!

Regardless though, if one of these is required, we can provide this for you, either based upon a general statement of intent, or a more thoroughly prepared report based on the anticipated Part L requirements for Building Control. This can then be re-used for the actual Part L submission.

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