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Water Efficiency CalculationsWater efficiency

Part G of the Building Regulations now includes the need for a water efficiency calculation to be carried out for every new dwelling. This includes new dwellings being created under conversion of an existing buliding. The current requirement is to show that the potential consumption of potable water for a households is less than 125litres/person/day, equivalent to the Code for Sustainable homes level 1 requirement. Based on all water consuming fixtures and fittings in a house, the calculation also includes details of any rainwater or grey water harvesting.

Different levels of Code for Sustainable Homes require much lower levels for the WAT 1 credit

The Water Efficiency Calculation is Mandatory for a Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment, and will normally be undertaken as part of that exercise, but those planning authorities where the Assessment is not required, the Water Efficiency Calculation will still be required for Building Regulations Compliance for Part G.

To complete this, we need a full list of taps, showers, toilets, baths and measures for grey and rainwater harvesting. In isolation we can normally turn these around in a few days.

To ensure nasty surprises...Please involve us at the earliest stage in the project to ensure a suitable PASS.

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