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SBEM Calculations

Newly Constructed Commercial Property requires an SBEM Calculation as part of the Building control submission for the Local Authority. Waverley Energy Assessments are specialist in carrying out SBEM submission for the most effective solution for you new build commercial project.

We have a property Development background, which we can apply at every level to help meet and exceed the Part L2A requirements for new build commercial property in a cost conscious manner. Different elements in the construction can be traded off whilst still meeting the minimum Part L2A requirements for Building Regulations. Many other SBEM practitioners will opt for the easy option providing a solution with just a mass of solar panels on the roof. Great if that’s what you want, but there may be other options which can be explored.

We look at the whole project and strive to ensure a cost effective and simple result for the SBEM calculation whilst still meeting the client requirements.

To provide the best service we ask that you involve us with your project drawings at the planning stage, not at Building Control Approval Stage. We can then provide input to the project to ensure a hassle free Pass for your client’s SBEM calculation.

Call us, Email us or use our Enquiry Form as early as you like to involve us in your design project.