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Since 2003, a Land Registry Compliant Lease plan is required for all new Lease Applications submitted to the Land Registry. A new Lease Application must be made for all new leases of greater than 7 years, or for existing Leases being sold or assigned lasting for over 7 years.Lease Plans

A lease plan is an accurate scaled drawing showing the exact area included in the lease, along with where the area / building sits in context with the surrounding area. Various demise types such as let space, communal space etc are demarked by a coloured boundary. Since the drawings are drawn  digitally using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, the files can be made available to you for other purposes such as fire plans, licensing plans or floorplans for marketing. The plans are drawn up in accordance with the Land Registry Practice Guide 40.

The plans that you commission us to draw for you will be delivered electronically in PDF format. Waverley Energy Assessments can provide Lease plans across the country at competitive prices for you. They can be customized to your exact requirements .

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