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SBEM Calculations

SBEM Calculations Newly Constructed Commercial Property requires an SBEM Calculation as part of the Building control submission for the Local Authority. Waverley Energy Assessments are speciali...


Services from Waverley Energy Assessments We work with property owners, developers, their commercial agents and architects. By providing the services listed below we make their lives easier and...

Commercial Property Services | WEA

  Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) Display Energy Certificates (DECs) ...

Glossary of Terms

Glossary DEC: Display Energy Certificate EPC: Energy Performance Certificate FIT : Feed – in – Tariff NDEA: Non Domestic Energy Assessment or Assessor SBEM: Simplifi...

Commercial EPC Guide

A Guide To Your EPC So you’ve paid to have one done...what does it all mean? Asset rating Firstly we have an asset rating (for the example to the right) 70 which is pretty good. G...

Commercial EPC

Commercial EPCs An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is now required for any building being sold or let, except for some very minor exceptions. This is prepared by an Accreditted Energy Asse...