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Energy Audits – Save money

The general requirement for commissioning an EPC is at the point of sale or lease. I.e. when an occupant is finished with the property and has finished with the building for their own purpose.

In many cases at the end of a lease, the tenant will have to remove complex air conditioning systems installed for them as tenants in order to return the property to the landlord in the same condition they took the lease on. At that point the EPC may have been done with plant subsequently missing for the incoming tenant.

Alternatively the landlord may wish to make the property more attractive by fitting modern comfort cooling AC units, to make the property more attractive to rent. In both cases the HVAC system present when the EPC was undertaken may no longer be relevant for the incoming tenant.

Since the basis of an EPC is the energy consumption of the building based upon a standard benchmark model, then this along with actual known meter readings and pattern of occupancy and activity, can be gathered together to give guidance to clients as to how to save money in their fuel cost overheads.

The government would like us all to be mindful of Carbon Dioxide emissions, and global warming. Whilst this is admirable and the right objective for society, in reality businesses such as yours, are generally looking at £££ on the balance sheet and the monthly bills.

We can therefore undertake an energy audit for you, using the EPC as a basis, or recommending cost cutting activities to lower your overall energy consumption and hence cost.

To find out  more on how we can save you money through and energy audit, call us, Email us or use our enquiry form.