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Why Choose Waverley Energy Assessments for an EPC?

  • WEA is a reputable established business specialising in commercial EPCs ever since the legislation came into force in September 2008.
  • With over 1,000 EPCs lodged to our name, we have been one of the most successful commercial EPC providers in the country.
  • By choosing to work with Waverley you will receive customer service second to none.

Questions to ask anyone offering to do an EPC for you

1.  Are you VAT registered?

Many smaller EPC provider will not be VAT registered. Why? Probably because they don’t have the level of experience WEA offers.

2.  Are you a panel company?

Many “panel” EPC providers use multiple assessors of unknown background... They typically operate by getting the lowest price possible from their 'panel' and this can impact on the quality of the report and the service you receive. We don’t go for lowest price at any cost because we beleive you want a professional service.  You can be assured that the surveyor who undertakes the survey is committed to providing an excellent service for you.

3.  How quickly will you undertake the work and report?

An integral part of our service is making sure we understand your timesacales and can work to them. We do not over-promise and under-deliver.

4.  How will your surveyor present themselves at the property?

Many clients do not want staff to know that a property is to be sold, so we agree with the client how we are to present ourselves so as not to arouse undue interest. We have a number of strategies for dealing with this.

5.  Do you have testimonials we can see?

If there are no testimonials, beware. See our testimonials here.

6.  Are you able to handle large estates as well as individual properties?

We undertake work from varied clients and can handle any job large or small. One of our specialities is large scale portfolios for managing agents or pension funds. The disposal of large numbers of properties over a wide geographic area can cause logistical problems of finding a company able to deal with such a project. We can and do often.

7.  Do you have people who work in my area?

We operate a nationwide service with a local South of England focus.