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EPCs for Solar Installations

PV Installations EPC

For PV installations to be able to receive the higher rate Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs), a Band D or higher EPC must accompany the FIT application.EPC for solar installation

The EPC must be the most recent one for that property, and apply to a “relevant” building as defined in the FIT Generator Guidance (for version 5 click here). If there is no relevant building for the installation then the FIT application must be accompanied by a qualified energy assessor explain why there is no relevant building.

It is essential to have a commercial energy assessor provide this, as a domestic energy assessor is not qualified to produce these letters, and therefore the application is likely to be rejected.

Examples of there being no relevant building would be a storage barn with no heating system , or a cow byre which may have one side open. Neither case would be a conditioned building and the letter would be required by OfGen.

Where a relevant building can be assessed the EPC must be a Band “D” or better. In many cases the presence of the PV panels will uplift the rating to a Band “D”, and so we would need to visit the site twice, once to assess pre PV Panels, and one to confirm their fitting. Should the EPC still not meet a Band “D” we can advise what further measures may be needed to uplift to a Band “D”. Generally though if any building connected to the PV installation can be assessed for an EPC, then the one most likely to give a Band “D” would be chosen to assess.

We can always turn a survey around quickly if required, but if additional measures are required to provide the Band “D” uplift, then it is always best to have us in at the PV planning stage to advise.

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