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Commercial EPCs

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is now required for any building being sold or let, except for some very minor exceptions. This is prepared by an Accreditted Energy Assessor, such as Wvarley Energy Assessments, to inform potential buyers or tenants about the energy performance of buildings in order for them to consider energy efficiency as part of their investment or business decision to purchase or occupy a building.Energy Performance Certificate Scale

The EPC gives an estimate of energy consumption and ultimately the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions for the property, by taking account of:

  • the type of activity in various areas
  • the heat loss through the property’s construction
  • the efficiency of the heating and ventilation system
  • the type of lighting employed

It is only a estimate based on a benchmark building, it does not accurately reflect the actual energy usage of a specific occupant.

A building’s energy performance is graded on a scale of A-G using a similar system to that used for white goods (washing machines, etc) and cars. In addition to the grading there is a recommendations report, which advises how the energy performance of the building can be improved together with an indication of the payback period.

The process to generate EPCs is set by the government and cannot be changed by individual EPC providers. Once data is gathered and entered into the approved software, SBEM (Simplified Building Element Modelling) a draft EPC is generated, which only becomes valid once it is lodged on the government’s EPC database.

Waverley Energy Assessments specialise in EPCs for Commercial property. We have undertaken over a thousand commercial EPC surveys since their introduction in 2008. Everything from small shops to huge warehouse distribution centres and corporate headquarters. Each property is different and therefore to give the most competitive pricing we quote on each individual work instruction.

The document, once produced, is valid for ten years, even if further property transactions take place. It should be noted though that as different conventions and software changes are introduced by the government, subtle changes in the ratings can occur between EPCs issued from year to year. We are able to advise as to the likely cost of an EPC upon enquiry. Call us, Email us or use our enquiry form.

Further background to the EPCs can be found on the government website or from our FAQ page. You can also see a sample EPC here.