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Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

DECs are designed to publically display the year on year energy performance of a building with the intention of improving it's energy efficiiency. Unlike an EPC which is an Asset rating for the building, the DEC provide information as to how the building is actually used. They are required now for all public buildings over 500sqm. For Buildings over 1000sqm, they must be renewed every year, and for smaller buildings, every 10 years. Provided with the DEC is an Advisory Report (AR) which is valid for 7 years. The advisory report comments on likely areas which coudl be addressed to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building and hence it's fuel cost. 

The requirement extends to public buildings. These are considered to be properties visited by the public, and which are managed or maintained by publicly funded bodies. Examples woudl be Council buildings, Courts, Police Stations. Since the requirement has dropped to >500 sqm, then this introduces Primary Heathcare building too, and as such we specialise in DECs for GP Surgeries.  Failure to have a DEC in place can result in a £500 fine from Trading Standards (Who presumably would need one too!)

Click here to download our DEC Client Guide