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Cost of a Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment

As the builder, developer or end client for a project, is having a CSH going to add cost to the building process?

YES, it will and there is no simple way of avoiding this. The planning requirement for providing additional items that you probably wouldn’t otherwise be including in the project will cost several extra thousands onto the build cost. The higher the target CSH Level, generally the higher the cost.  Some of this could be recouped in kudos of have say a level 5 house, for some end clients, but the big benefits will be for those with either a green-eco mindset or those who want to reduce their running cost of the house in the future. 

Unfortunately the stamp duty land tax relief on Zero Carbon Homes has now ended. This gave properties up to a value of £500K, up to £15K of stamp duty relief. Maybe the government may yet reintroduce this to encourage higher Level house builds.

A study carried out (click here to download) .......has estimated that the additional cost to a developer for the build of xxx wil be in the region of £x000 for a 3 bed house to Level 3 and £y0000 for a 3 bed house to Level 4. Where the study seems to miss the point though is that for small developers, some elements will be disproportionately expensive to include, such as Site Waste Management, which would be carried out as a matter of course for the large national developers but not for a one off build for say 3 houses.

Waverley Energy Assessments have a background in property development (WBIC Developments) and can therefore understand better than most companies undertaking CSH assessments, the costs and problems associated with smaller developments.