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What are the Inspections?

TM44 air conditioning inspection is meant to reduce energy consumption of air conditioning systems. Here are the key points to remember;


  • They are a part of the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) and are mandatory for systems over 12 kilowatts in capacity.
  • The TM44 air conditioning inspection involves a site survey and the you'll get a report with our findings and a list of recommendations.
  • The air conditioning assessment can only be carried out by accredited inspectors.
  • If you haven't had one done in the past five years the air conditioning inspection is now overdue. There are financial penalties enforced by Trading Standards for noncompliance.



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Why Should I Have One Done?

It is easy, and quite understandable, to look on the TM44 inspection as just another burden on already hard-pressed businesses. But there are genuine financial and environmental benefits. Click here to read about potential savings for a typical office building.


There will be an up front cost for the air conditioning inspection, which will be no more than you will pay for any other professional service. But remember the primary aim is to reduce energy consumption, and especially with rising energy costs this can only save your business money. This, coupled with the fact that most of the recommendations will be zero or low cost options, the inspection makes sound financial sense and the payback against the assessment should be short.

The energy reductions will also give reduced carbon emissions, and for a business with commitments to reduce their footprint these inspections will provide a valuable route to achieve your targets.